"Groomed and Cute without the Commute"

Don’t go through the stress of bringing your pet to the groomer. Let our mobile pet grooming service take care of your pet from the comfort of your home.


Our Fully Equipped Pet Grooming Van

Our modern Mobile grooming van is fully equipped and self-sufficient with all the equipment that a professional groomer requires. Clean fresh water is pumped to an efficient water heater system that provides plenty of warm water for deep cleansing and relaxing baths. The electrical grooming table raises and lowers to accommodate all breeds large or small and allows the groomer to work at a comfortable height. 

We use the most efficient force air dryers with variable speed that allows gentle drying and fluffing, or at high speed – its very effective at loosening and removing excess undercoat.

If you’ve never enjoyed the advantages of a dog groomer or mobile cat grooming services, we understand that you might have a few questions.

Below, we answer a few of the most common queries we get.

What are the benefits of using a mobile pet groomer?

Mobile pet grooming is designed to provide grooming to your home or business. During conventional grooming, pets can become stressed out from by being rushed, manhandled, or exposed to other pets – resulting in sickness or injury. Bark & Purr Mobile Pet Grooming offers an alternative solution, so your pet can relax in comfort.

Other great benefits to mobile grooming include:

• No sedation
• No cage confinement
• No exposure to other animals
• No need to transport your pet
• High-end services available at affordable prices
• Clean, safe and climate controlled environment
• Eliminates the hassle of dropping off and picking up
• Less risk of pet injury, car sickness or damage to your vehicle
• Eliminates separation anxiety and stress
• Special attention provided for seniors and disabled
• Mobile cat grooming near me is readily

Why is it important to have your cat or dog groomed regularly?

Your pet needs regular grooming basics like bathing, nail trims, ear and teeth cleaning to maintain optimum health. These basics help to prevent infections, irritations and allow you to catch problematic health damage or injury. Contact us to schedule animal grooming near me.

Can mobile groomers come to a workplace or office as well?

Yes. Being mobile means we are able to travel anywhere within our service region. If you have an office cat mascot requiring our services, please ask about our cat grooming near you!

Can grooming be added on or done during a house sitting service?

Yes – depending on schedule availability. Please inquire with your groomer prior to arrival.

Can the groomers accommodate all sizes and breeds of dogs?

Yes! The dog grooming services of Bark & Purr Mobile Pet Grooming can accommodate all dog breeds. Our full-service groomers are trained specialist with stylish precision trimming of both long and short hair, as well as double coated dogs. Starting services with mobile dog groomers near me is easy!