Lulu Betty

Lulu Betty has been a professional pet groomer since 2014. She attended Utah Pet Grooming Academy in Murray, Utah. Her love for animals goes back to before she could walk. She has always had a special connection to animals. As a child, she would bring strays and injured critters home to care for, everything from orphaned kittens to baby chipmunks. To this day, She can’t just drive past a lost dog without pulling over to help them find their way home, She doesn’t simply swerve around a turtle in the road, she gets out and stops traffic to pick them up and carry them to safety.

So it’s no surprise she ended up working in this profession. It is truly something she was meant to do. After years of working as high end, high paced chef, she decided to follow her passion, attend grooming school to be the very best she could for your pet and found her niche.